Jeremy Kean

Jeremy Kean has been working since he was 13 years old. His years of entrepreneurial and business experience have left him with a lot of stories to tell, but also with a lot of insight to share with the world. His goal is to help other budding entrepreneurs get themselves out there, while avoiding the mistakes that he made over his career.
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  • "I cannot recommend Jeremy enough. Everybody is busy these days, and without a personal or professional prior relationship he gave me an evaluation on my social media presence and my Google website. He did not cut corners, he was very thought out and approached my company from a customer stand point and gave amazing advice. It is hard to find people like Jeremy these days who are willing to help an ordinary person reach a higher level, especially at absolutely no benefit to himself. This says alot about his character! I appreciate you Jeremy and I'm very glad to have crossed paths with you!"
    - Amanda, Cain Hughes Plumbing
  • "So, I've always helped others with their online presence and never took the time to have my own critiqued. It takes a certain level of humility to be a digital marketer and give yourself the space to be critiqued on what YOU need to do differently. How YOU have to practice the basics you preach every day. It helps you to be a better resource to your clients. Jeremy did that for me. He helped me to understand the things I knew I was shorting myself on and opened my eyes to things I couldn't see. I strongly recommend that you consider using his business coaching services. Why? Because we are good at what we do for others, but we rarely have the time and sometimes fear being called out for things that we need to do better. To be better. Do yourself a favor and take advice from someone who isn't there to judge you, but there to help you. We all need to help each other. Jeremy does just that..."
    - Andrew, Comedy Brand Store
  • "The Daily Commitments Calendar has been key to making sure I get the right things done throughout my day. Each category aligns with activities that get your mind right, prepare you for the day and ultimately lead you to making more money. I love being able to keep track of my days and having a system for rating the overall success!"
    Justin, Business Coach

My Story

Starting his first business when he was 13 years old, Whitewater Valley Disc Jockeys, became the start of a 30+ year entrepreneurial journey. Fast forward through high school and several restaurant jobs, he became the manager of a Dominos Pizza, and started his mortgage career. During the 15 years Jeremy was in the financial services industry, he started companies in mortgage, real estate, property management, and credit repair respectively. 

In 2011 Jeremy left the financial services world and dove head first in love with digital marketing. The idea of being able to master making a living from the computer whether in his living room, or while traveling was too enticing. From that point on Jeremy created a digital marketing agency, and didn't look back. He continued on and created companies in fundraising, health and wellness, sports apparel, and live streaming. 

Jeremy is now consulting, coaching, and strategizing with entrepreneurs and business leaders. He helps them by uncovering bottlenecks in their business and life, and guides them in making a better bottle 
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