Anyone else a Uhaul Trailer renting moron?

This is the 3rd time I’ve rented a trailer from uhaul, and they have this wonderful doohickey that is supposed screw down and safely pull your trailer to desired destination with no professional trailer skills……

Last year we drove to Florida and the trailer pops off the hitch with 30miles left in the drive home. I hear the horrific sound and then see the trailer in rear view coming toward my back seat. Then the thud of the trailer neck slamming into the back of my ride over and over like a 3000 pound battering Ram.

Luckily I had my Dale Earnhardt Jr hat on, and was able to keep the trailer from destroying the back end of my ride or much worse.

As you can imagine I’m not thrilled about trying this again.

Everything was fine on the way down this time, maybe too good, because when I parked the trailer to try to get it off the truck it wouldn’t budge. I do everything my McGuyver inspired mind can think of while sweat is rolling down my face and eyes. I finally kick the trailer and say a few choice words about uhaul.

This usually is the time where I get pretty irate and become a right fighter griping at any uhaul person that will answer. I mean who wants to be solution oriented when you could just vent to the owner of this wonderful trailer.

This time I used all of the mental energy I could muster and woo-Sah’d a second. “What options could we have here?” I thought to myself.

🧠 call uhaul roadside and have them come and detach. Heavy and full trailer I’d have to get back on somehow.

🧠 drive with the trailer all weekend everywhere.

🧠 See if we can unload earlier than planned and get rid of unloaded trailer ASAP!

Bingo. That ended up working and saved $300 off bill from Uhaul!

Sometimes you have to woo-Sah and let your solution oriented mind get back in play instead of letting 😡 get the best of you.

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